The Endowment of Al-Maqasid Charity Hospital

The Endowment of Al-Maqasid Charity Hospital

A charitable hospital affiliated with the Zakat Fund under a deed of endowment and a legal fatwa, and it is considered the first health endowment in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and it depends on self-operation, meaning that it does not have any fixed income from any source.


  1. To support the poor and needy in the event of their inability to pay for medical expenses at the hospital through the Poor Patient Fund of the Zakat and Sadaqat Committee of Nazal and Al-Dhrar Al-Gharbi neighborhood.
  2. Providing healthcare services at affordable prices.


  • Capable patients
  • Referrals from the Ministry of Health
  • Insurance companies
  • International associations and organizations
  • Poor patients (patient fund)

Most prominent works and partners:

  • The hospital receives patients from Syrian and Arab refugees, and their expenses are covered by international organizations (Aoun Association, Emergency Association, MedAir).
  • The hospital receives referrals from the Ministry of Health and has priority in the event that beds are not available in Ministry of Health hospitals (Al-Bashair Hospital, Hamza Hospital) according to a letter from the Minister of Health. Health Minister No. (TS / Transfers / 7838) dated 13/12/2018 and will soon be adopted for referrals from the Royal Court's exemption unit.
  • The hospital receives medical delegations that provide free treatment for patients (French, Czech, Kuwaiti, American, Syrian American Medical Association (SAMS) and other nationalities).
  • The hospital holds free medical days in cooperation with the Zakat Fund in various parts of the kingdom, and also holds free medical days in support of the local community in Nazal neighborhood and other areas of Amman.