General Directorate of Religious Education

The Ministry of Endowments, Islamic Affairs and Holy Sites oversees four religious schools administratively, while the Ministry of Education oversees them technically. These schools are subject to the law of the Ministry of Education, as well as its regulations, legislation, instructions, and guidelines.


  • Technical and administrative cooperation between the Ministry and colleges, universities, and religious schools.
  • Monitoring the implementation of the Ministry's general policy regarding colleges, religious schools, and scientific missions.
  • Technical supervision of religious schools and setting the bases for admission, registration conditions, and supervising the implementation of curricula and examinations in them.
  • Following up on the affairs of students sent to study religious sciences and setting the bases and conditions for admission and registration in colleges and universities.

Main Programs:

  • Project to develop the curriculum of religious subjects for primary grades (seventh to tenth) taught in religious schools affiliated with the Ministry.
  • Electronic linking and protection of religious schools.
  • Establishing religious schools for boys and girls in the governorates of the Kingdom.