Preaching and guidance meetings

Preaching and guidance meetings

Training and advocacy workshops for imams in Islamic law (Sharee’ah), thought, and education to enable them to perform their advocacy role in society through the call to moderate Islam, warning against calls for extremism and following fatwas that are outside the religion of Islam, which increase division and partisanship.

Educational activities and courses

Imams and Muezzins Training Courses:

Training courses for imams and muezzins to enable them in the sciences of Islamic Sharee’ah and many contemporary intellectual issues to increase their awareness of different issues through three scientific tracks:

  • The sciences that an imam and muezzin cannot ignore, such as recitation of the Quran, memorization, sciences, interpretation, and basic jurisprudence.
  • Contemporary intellectual issues.
  • Behavior and ethics.


  • To equip imams with the knowledge base in jurisprudence (Feqh), creed, and the sciences of the Quran and the Noble Hadith so that they are able to fulfill their mission in their community.
  • To prepare the scientific personality, committed and distinguished, in its deep and comprehensive understanding of the Quran and the Noble Hadith according to the Prophetic guidance with the call to moderate Islam and its tolerant values.
  • To empower imams to work in the fields of preaching, guidance, and speech.
  • To contribute to spreading Islamic values that call for mercy, justice, and positivity in society.
  • To qualify muezzins for the imamate and preaching.