Official permission to print the Holy Quran

Official permission to print the Holy Quran

Service Name: Permission to Print the Holy Quran, Audio and Visual Tapes, or Any Materials Related to the Holy Quran

Service Channels: The Ministry of Awqaf, Islamic Affairs and Holy Sites - Directorate of Religious Education - Department of the Holy Quran

Service Location: Central

Branches Providing the Service: Ministry Headquarters

Service Structure: Main Service

Service Type: Procedural

Regulatory Legislation: Instructions for Printing the Holy Quran

Target Audience: Institutions and Individuals

Service Requirements: The copy must not have been previously authorized / or five years have passed since the authorization of the Quran.

Service Delivery Procedures:

  • Submit an application for the approval of a previously unapproved edition.
  • Attach three copies of the Holy Quran or the material to be approved or the service to be provided with the application.
  • Review the accountant to pay the auditor fees.
  • The transaction is transferred to a committee of approved auditors to study it and issue a decision.
  • Issuing a decision of approval.
  • The applicant is informed of the approval decision.

Standard time required to provide the service: 45 days.

Required documents: Attach three copies of the edition to be approved (the Holy Quran).

Fees: (150) dinars for publishing houses, and for the printed Quran (300) dinars for the profile.

Service output: Approval of the printing of the Quran, plates, audible and visual Quranic tapes, or any materials related to the Holy Quran.