Orphan Care

Orphan Care

The Orphan Care Program is one of the most important programs of the Zakat Fund because of its high values and great meanings related to social solidarity.

After selecting the sponsored child, the Fund, on behalf of the sponsor, transfers a monthly amount to the orphan and follows up on his/her health, educational, and social conditions while he/she is residing with his/her family, to preserve his/her family ties and ensure a healthy upbringing free of psychological and physical diseases.

Objectives of the project:

  1. To meet orphans' material, social, health, and educational needs.
  2. To protect orphans from homelessness, disease, and ignorance.
  3. To qualify orphans to become active members of society.

Donating to the Project:

Contact us through our social media channels or the Projects Directorate at the Zakat Fund.

Through E-fawateercom service application, or our account at the Islamic Jordanian Bank.

IBAN Number for Donations:

JO 93JIBA 00600007 9878 9410 400000