Hashemite Scientific Councils

Hashemite Scientific Councils  are scholarly gatherings held annually during the blessed month of Ramadan. They bring together a constellation of scholars, preachers, and intellectuals from the Islamic world to discuss the issues, concerns, and problems of the Muslim nation, following a scientific methodology that emphasizes wisdom and moderation. The Hashemite Councils enjoy the highest royal patronage, and are attended by His Majesty the King or his representative from among Their Royal Highnesses the Princes.


  • Highlighting the role of scholars in guiding the nation and explaining the rulings of the noble Islamic law  (Shari’ah).
  • Emphasizing the moderation of the message of Islam and calling for it with wisdom and good advice.
  • Shedding light on many contemporary issues and explaining the Islamic perspective on them.

To watch the videos of the Hashemite Scientific Councils for the year 1444 AH - 2023 CE, click here.